Justin Cotler

Ep 18 – Justin Cotler – Competitive CrossFit Coach

Justin Cotler is a premier competitive CrossFit coach. He is also the most winning coach of the budding GRID league, a professional CrossFit spinoff sport. Justin owns and is head coach of CrossFit Dynamix, a CrossFit gym in Astoria Queens. There, he coaches both average joe’s and elite athletes to reach their best. In this episode, we discuss […]

Logan Sullivan Impactivism

Ep – 17 – Logan Sullivan – IMPACTivism and Effective Altruism

Do Good Challenge! In alignment with this episode’s guest and purpose, please visit one of these sites below and donate what you can now! Report back to Purpose Up on Facebook and you could win a free copy of Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference by William MacAskill. Givewell.org Effective Altruism Funds […]

Ep 16 – Mika Cali – Rocketships, Symbols and Inspiration

Mika Cali is a designer and artist based in New York, who uses her symbolic artwork to tell stories and  spread inspiration. She is a mother of two, and her children provide a continual drive to lead by example. As a divorcee, her experience and fresh start gave her the freedom to tap into her […]

Adam Stieglitz

Ep 15 – Adam Stieglitz – Community-Led Development in The Highlands of Peru

Adam Stieglitz discovered his passion for culture and service through traveling the world. His passion led him to get a Masters in Public Administration with a focus in International development at The Middlebury Institute of International Studies. He then co-founded The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, based in the highlands of Peru. Adam and his […]

Arthur Woods Imperative

Ep 14 – Arthur Woods – Igniting a Purpose Movement

In this episode I speak with Arthur Woods, co-founder of Imperative. With a mission to enable everyone to uncover and apply their purpose drivers, Imperative sets out to help everyone realize their potential as employees and members of society. Currently two-thirds of the workforce is disengaged at work. This leads to high turnover and low job […]


Ep 13 – Alyssa Cesarini – Empowering Nannies, Children and Parents

Alyssa Cesarini is disrupting the nanny industry with her approach to evaluating, training and placing nannies. As a former nanny herself, a child psychology major and having received a Masters in Counseling, Alyssa is uniquely qualified to understand the needs of children, parents and nannies. She is on a mission to find the right nanny for […]


Ep 12 – Kerin Rose Gold – Artist, Designer and Entrepreneur

Kerin Rose Gold is an artist who designs bespoke eyewear and costume pieces for pop culture’s leading icons, runs an online business, A-Morir, and writes for Nylon Magazine. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Missy Elliot and even Snoop Dog are among the many worn her pieces. We talk about her creative and academic childhood growing up in New York, her […]