Ep 19 – Zach Mercurio – Purpose: The Invisible Leader

Zach Mercurio is a speaker, author, and purpose and meaningful work consultant. In his first job out of college, “selling air” for a radio station, Zach found himself disillusioned with the working world, just living for 2/7 of the week – the weekend. A powerful conversation with an inspired taxi driver at a park in D.C. led him to question […]

Justin Cotler

Ep 18 – Justin Cotler – Competitive CrossFit Coach

Justin Cotler is a premier competitive CrossFit coach. He is also the most winning coach of the budding GRID league, a professional CrossFit spinoff sport. Justin owns and is head coach of CrossFit Dynamix, a CrossFit gym in Astoria Queens. There, he coaches both average joe’s and elite athletes to reach their best. In this episode, we discuss […]

Logan Sullivan Impactivism

Ep – 17 – Logan Sullivan – IMPACTivism and Effective Altruism

Do Good Challenge! In alignment with this episode’s guest and purpose, please visit one of these sites below and donate what you can now! Report back to Purpose Up on Facebook and you could win a free copy of Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference by William MacAskill. Effective Altruism Funds […]

Ep 16 – Mika Cali – Rocketships, Symbols and Inspiration

Mika Cali is a designer and artist based in New York, who uses her symbolic artwork to tell stories and  spread inspiration. She is a mother of two, and her children provide a continual drive to lead by example. As a divorcee, her experience and fresh start gave her the freedom to tap into her […]

Adam Stieglitz

Ep 15 – Adam Stieglitz – Community-Led Development in The Highlands of Peru

Adam Stieglitz discovered his passion for culture and service through traveling the world. His passion led him to get a Masters in Public Administration with a focus in International development at The Middlebury Institute of International Studies. He then co-founded The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, based in the highlands of Peru. Adam and his […]

Arthur Woods Imperative

Ep 14 – Arthur Woods – Igniting a Purpose Movement

In this episode I speak with Arthur Woods, co-founder of Imperative. With a mission to enable everyone to uncover and apply their purpose drivers, Imperative sets out to help everyone realize their potential as employees and members of society. Currently two-thirds of the workforce is disengaged at work. This leads to high turnover and low job […]


Ep 13 – Alyssa Cesarini – Empowering Nannies, Children and Parents

Alyssa Cesarini is disrupting the nanny industry with her approach to evaluating, training and placing nannies. As a former nanny herself, a child psychology major and having received a Masters in Counseling, Alyssa is uniquely qualified to understand the needs of children, parents and nannies. She is on a mission to find the right nanny for […]


Ep 12 – Kerin Rose Gold – Artist, Designer and Entrepreneur

Kerin Rose Gold is an artist who designs bespoke eyewear and costume pieces for pop culture’s leading icons, runs an online business, A-Morir, and writes for Nylon Magazine. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Missy Elliot and even Snoop Dog are among the many worn her pieces. We talk about her creative and academic childhood growing up in New York, her […]

Erin Stutland Purpose Up

Ep 11 – Erin Stutland – Mind-Body Fitness Expert & TV Host

Erin Stutland is a mind-body wellness and fitness expert. We discuss her path, her new show, Alter’d, her work out programs and her plans for the future. She started as a youngster who channeled her need to move into a professional dancing career, where she discovered the power of affirmations to help her learn dancing […]

Amon Focus Purpose Up

Ep 10 – Amon Focus – Creative Director, Podcaster and Documentarian for New York Said

In this episode I sit down with Amon Focus, a Creative Director and Founder of New York Said. New York Said is his documentary series comprised of photography, featuring words and messages found on the street, as well as his accompanying podcast, in which he interviews New Yorkers with something to say. We start with […]

Thomas Cole Purpose Up

Ep 9 – Thomas Cole – Humanitarian Farmer and Botanist

Thomas Cole is a humanitarian farmer with a huge heart, and a passion for service. In this episode we dive into agricultural methods he develops and brings to war ravaged areas. His goal is to improve people’s access to and quality of food, while creating sustainable and empowering food production systems. He has co-developed a […]

Tony Fauci Purpose Up

Ep 8 – Dr. Tony Fauci – Zika news, Tackling AIDS and Service to Others

Dr. Anthony “Tony” Fauci is one of the most influential and important doctors in the world today. He has advised five presidents in his over 32 years as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at The National Institute of Health (NIH). Dr. Tony Fauci has helped to save millions of lives in […]

Julie Chan Purpose Up

Ep 7 – Julie Chan – Purpose Psychic

Julie Chan, an intuitive and founder of Being My Purpose, shares her story of leaving her successful career in Urban Planning to follow her spiritual calling to help people find their purpose. She helps people by consulting with the Akashic records, and delivering the answers she receives back to her clients. We discuss her rational past, prestigious […]

Antonia Saint Dunbar Purpose Up

Ep 6 – Antonia Saint Dunbar – THINX, Periods & Controversy

Co-founder of THINX, a solutions company in the feminine care space known for its period-proof underwear (and controversial subway ads that sparked discussions around the world), entrepreneur Antonia Saint Dunbar shares her story from growing up with a product designer dad, to her role in bringing THINX to market. She creates solutions for women across […]

Joshua Seftel Purpose Up

Ep 5 – Joshua Seftel – Filmmaking, Seduction, and Purpose

Filmmaker, Joshua Seftel, discusses his career to date, from his first documentary about orphans in Romania to his latest film, an exploration into fear of death. He relays how his purpose evolved over the years from saving children, to making meaningful and entertaining work. We discuss how seduction from the finer things in life can detract […]

Alexandra Janelli Purpose Up

Ep 4 – Alexandra Janelli – Hypnotherapy, Quitting Smoking and Purpose

Hypnotherapist and life coach Alexandra Janelli of ThetaSprings, explains hypnosis, quitting smoking for good, and mental shifts. We take a look at limiting beliefs and the fear state that holds us back. She teaches us how to Zoom Out, to change the stories we tell ourselves, and have more fun with future possibilities. This episode […]

Devin Martin Purpose Up

Ep 3 – Devin Martin – Life Coaching, Intuition and The Essence and Form of Purpose

Devin Martin of Lifestyle Integrity Coaching discuses purpose, intuition and his year alone in a North Carolina cabin. We discuss the differences between life coaching and therapy, Devin’s path through corporate security to become a coach and how to optimize creativity. We dive into what purpose is, and how to get in touch with our […]

Ep 2 – Ozioma Egwuonwu – How to Burn Bright, Dream and Strategize

Ozioma  Egwuonwu, founder of BurnBright Lifeworks, World Dream Day and the Newburgh Dream Center shares her story, strategies for finding purpose and the power of dreams. Ozioma is on a mission to change the world with her transformational strategies, charisma, determination and love. She’s doing it day after day, and her work inspires. Ozioma works with […]

Ep 1 – Welcome to The Purpose Up Podcast!

What is the Purpose Up Podcast? This podcast is a journey into looking at what is purpose, how can we find ours, and what are the strategies that can allow us to live our purpose out. I talk to amazing people who are living their purpose, hear their stories of how they found their path, […]