Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 

I stand on the shoulders of giants and am inspired by and will curate the best of my heroes. If this platform does nothing else, I want to introduce you to the best of the best that will help you on your Purpose Up journey. I will often cite and link to ideas from these amazing thought leaders.

  • Tim Ferris – Self experimentation, patterns of the successful, life hacks
  • Rich Roll – plant based lifestyle, mindfulness, wellness, fitness
  • Patt Flynn – smart passive income, living your dream
  • Handel Group – personal and executive life coaching, I was a client, and trained to become a life coach with them
  • Kate Crow – personal life coach and my current life coach
  • James Clear – Self psychology, habit formation
  • Derek Sivers – Usable psychology of self-improvement
  • Tony Robbins – self mastery, personal breakthroughs