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The Purpose Up Story

The Story of How Purpose Up Came to Be

“I want to do a podcast,” I thought to myself. A podcast would help me connect with people that could help me on my purpose journey and those listening. It was my first idea for a way for me to purpose up.

I’m a podcast junkie. When I go to the gym, I listen to The Tim Ferris Show, The Rich Roll Podcast, Smart Passive Income or more recently The Jess Lively Show. Over the past couple of years these podcasts have provided me with so many ideas, tactics to try out in my life, and exposure to so many top performers in all fields.

It was one of those thoughts that seemed like a delusion of grandeur after a drink or two that often is forgotten the next day or dismissed by the negative voices in my head. They said things like,  “Who would want to listen to you?” “What do you have to say that’s unique?” “Who would you even interview?” “Your voice is way too monotone bro.” Apparently I have a bully frat boy in my head.

I like how Tim Ferris describes podcasting as a platform to get to talk to people you wouldn’t otherwise have reason to, and have conversations you normally wouldn’t. He wrote this blog post about how everyone should try it to help you get better at asking questions and eliminate verbal tics. It aligns with Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, systems way [1:02:00] of looking at the world approach, where you’re continually looking to improve your odds of success in your selected field, so even if things are seemingly failing, you’re improving your odds and value regardless. In other words even if you fail at something, going through the process will leave you in a better place. So my goals are become a better speaker, meet people who are operating at a higher vibration, and open myself up to new opportunities. This approach also aligns with Derek Sivers notion of become famous, so you can be of use to people:

Do everything in public and for the public.

The more people you reach, the more useful you are.

The opposite is hiding, which is of no use to anyone.

– Derek Sivers

All of these ideas are come out of my listening and I think are important to share.

BackStory: The Power of Coaching

Coaching has been a powerful force in my life. I started life coaching as a client in 2009 with the Handel Group and it radically changed me forever. I was in a sad dark place. I had hit a professional plateau, was drinking too much and repeating bad patterns with the women I was dating. I’ll write more about my rising phoenix from the ashes story in another post. However, over the course of two years coaching helped me stop drinking for a year, get a tv pilot produced, improve relationships with my family and friends, and learn how to handle my emotions without numbing myself.

During that time, I transitioned from client to coach in training  in January of 2010. I learned numerous tools and strategies for coaching, and they hold their trainees to a super high bar of integrity. My vibration had been raised in a very positive way, but it dawned on me if I was going to become a life coach, I needed to be able to be someone who wasn’t afraid to live their dream.

I had always wanted to travel internationally with a backpack, since studying abroad in Australia during college. However it never seemed like the right time for it. The reality was, I was scared and didn’t know how to make a plan that I would stick to. Coaching gave me the confidence and the tools to play big and go for it. Go for it I did in September of 2011, and you can read about my adventures here at End of Yearning.

That quote, “The end of yearning is to be,” from Neville Goddard is a powerful one for me. It means stop wanting and start being what you want. Don’t wait for it to be handed to you, don’t worry about if you deserve it, don’t worry about if you’ll fail. Just be it. So like that I became a world traveler and a blogger, and I am so grateful for that time in my life, and proud of myself for taking the leap to live bold and big.

A Higher Plateau

Fast forward to early 2016. Since the trip, I had really made strides in my career with two years at The Barbarian Group, a year at MRY and landing my current role as VP of Product at Artnet. I got engaged to an amazing woman, moved into a really nice apartment in the financial district, and continued to travel. Everything was looking good on paper, but the familiar feeling of coasting was there.  I wasn’t living up to my potential. I wasn’t being fully authentically myself, even though everything looked idyllic on the outside.

A Return to Coaching

My former coach Kate Crow, had left the Handel Group to start her own coaching business and method, and had asked if I wanted to join her coaching group. I was resistant to joining. One of the downsides of traveling, was the absolute freedom I had. It had nourished a part of me that did not want to answer to anyone or anything. I knew if I started coaching again I would be put in spots where I would be uncomfortable and I might not do what I say and I might fail, or what if…. You get it. I was afraid of the accountability. However I knew accountability is the key. I had learned that before, knew it intellectually, but had ignored it and it left me coasting without passion as part of my being was left unexpressed.

That’s the part of me that’s writing these words now. The me that wants to help people. The me that knows that there are other people out there struggling in the same way to express themselves, to serve others and be a positive force in the universe. The part of me that wants to help people switch from autopilot to the confident captains of their time here on this earth.

Purpose Up is a call to action. For me it’s a journey to find and refine my purpose. I want to ask these questions, explore it from all the points of view, and through it gain a clear understanding of how I can help improve others lives, introduce new ideas to help people on their journey and challenge myself to keep moving up the mountain. I want to play bigger and increase the positive impact I can have in my short time here. I know there are others out there who feel that similar nagging discontent, that fear of what others would think if they decided to embark on higher stakes journey, and I want to say, take that first step. Have faith. The outcome is unimportant, but the vision and the revision will provide a path. That path will lead to life experiences that you’ll treasure forever, and your story will become one of inspiration rather than sad lonely regret.

The First Steps

I’ve had the fortune to trek both Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp. Both of those have been peak (pun intended?) experiences of my life. I entered both with excitement, fear and uncertainty. But I did know I was in good shape, I had a guide, and if I didn’t try I wouldn’t make it. That’s how I feel about starting this journey. I don’t know what the top will look like, but I’m sure it will be beautiful, unexpected and there will be challenges along the way. By the way Patt Flynn’s How to Podcast Videos are incredibly helpful if you want to learn how to podcast.

At time of writing this first draft. I have the website up, I’ve purchased my audio equipment, tested the equipment, and my next step is to start scheduling my first guests. Even reaching out to the first few guests gives me fear, but the fear is the signal to walk towards and through, not away from.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope these words and the podcast to come will help you to up your purpose game, live a more deliberate life and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone on your way to realizing your best self.