Ep 19 – Zach Mercurio – Purpose: The Invisible Leader

Zach Mercurio is a speaker, author, and purpose and meaningful work consultant. In his first job out of college, “selling air” for a radio station, Zach found himself disillusioned with the working world, just living for 2/7 of the week – the weekend. A powerful conversation with an inspired taxi driver at a park in D.C. led him to question […]

Justin Cotler

Ep 18 – Justin Cotler – Competitive CrossFit Coach

Justin Cotler is a premier competitive CrossFit coach. He is also the most winning coach of the budding GRID league, a professional CrossFit spinoff sport. Justin owns and is head coach of CrossFit Dynamix, a CrossFit gym in Astoria Queens. There, he coaches both average joe’s and elite athletes to reach their best. In this episode, we discuss […]

Logan Sullivan Impactivism

Ep – 17 – Logan Sullivan – IMPACTivism and Effective Altruism

Do Good Challenge! In alignment with this episode’s guest and purpose, please visit one of these sites below and donate what you can now! Report back to Purpose Up on Facebook and you could win a free copy of Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference by William MacAskill. Effective Altruism Funds […]

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