Life, Career and Relationship Coaching with Ben Stein

Are you feeling stuck?


Do you dread waking up on Monday to your job? 


Are you just getting by in life, and not thriving? 


Do you have a desire to do more, but don’t know how to get started?


You're not alone. I was there too. 


The awesome thing is you have the power to change your life dramatically, given the right tools. 


How I became a Coach

I was sad, alone and frustrated rounding out the end of my twenties. We as humans all feel like this at some point or another. What differentiates us is what we do about it.

Ten years ago I was in a job I wasn’t enjoying or challenged by anymore, using substances to numb my pain, struggling with addiction, using women to feel good about myself and feeling lost. I didn't know how to deal with my emotions like an adult, and I was too checked out to listen to my intuition. I knew that I needed to make a change but didn’t know how. I started with therapy for a few months, and that was a step in the right direction, but after a couple months I would find myself walking into appointments focusing on what was wrong, instead of what was going right. It seemed like I was spinning my wheels exploring feelings without direction.

Then an ex-girlfriend gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received, which was an introductory coaching session. I was skeptical. After all, there are a lot of wackos out there, and me seeing a life coach, that just sounded too cheesy. However, gratefully, coaching turned my life around dramatically and quickly.
I clarified my vision for where I wanted to go. Coaches called me out for binge drinking and challenged me to take some time away from alcohol. I was scared, so f’in scared, but for the first time I felt like there was someone who had my back, who cared about me, and realized my potential. Someone who I could confide in, nurture the best in me, and call-out my negative characteristics and give me strategies to overcome them.


How Life Coaching Transformed Me

  • I ended up taking over a year off from alcohol.
  • I learned how to properly feel and process emotions.
  • I repaired broken relationships with loved ones and friends.
  • I got a new job.
  • I changed the way I dated women, and learned how to be honest, vulnerable and communicate even when it was soooo uncomfortable.
  • It gave me confidence in myself, my potential and allowed me to feel real joy and hope.

My transformation was so powerful I began coaching training, which I did for two years, and got a lot of experience with actual clients. However, I had a burning desire to travel the world. I felt like if I was going to inspire people to live their dreams I had to live my own or I wouldn’t be authentic.

I left New York City, my job, my coaching program and started my amazing eight month travel odyssey solo. The trip was book-ended the trip with epic treks, starting with Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and ending with Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Coaching gave me the tools, courage and vision to make it happen. I am so grateful and fortunate to have had the opportunity, and there’s nothing like coming up with a plan executing it and bringing it to life.


What’s your dream?

Where are you not being your best self?

Do you think coaching would help you?

What does coaching with me entail?

First we start with a free coaching introduction and assessment, where we discuss the process and your pain points.

At it’s core, we dive into what’s not working currently. Then I help you clarify your vision for where you want to be, and we create a roadmap for how to get there. We'll ask questions about your purpose, your reason why and what you feel strongly about. Along the way we cycle through defining and prioritizing your top to-dos, and then you execute on the plan. Finally we analyze the process and results and look at ways to continuously improve. There will be roadblocks and we’ll blast through them. You will want to hide and be sneaky sometimes. I’ll call you out. There will be victories and I’ll be by your side celebrating them with you.

We’ll define objectives, and what success looks like. We’ll work together on a roadmap, the blueprint for delivering results. We’ll define what you’re looking to get done short term, and prioritize the most important pieces. We’ll have analyze the results, and then we’ll plan again. Periodically, we’ll reevaluate the overall roadmap to make sure it’s still is inline with your bigger vision and intuition.

It’s not rocket science, but the important part is that you have someone there who has the right tool set to bring out the best in you, and someone is holding you accountable for doing the work. You wouldn’t need me if accountability wasn’t such an important piece. That’s the magic in coaching and will help you 10x your life. I still receive coaching myself to continuously improve and have a trained accountability partner.



Why coach with me?

I’m real, sensitive and empathetic. I’m also pragmatic, driven and love delivering results that delight and exceed expectations. A good part of my career has been in digital production and product management, so I combine cognitive behavioral psychology life coaching training with the best cutting edge methodologies of software development. I have a B.S. in Psychology from Tufts University, have trained with a leading boutique coaching organization, and have years of experience.


How much does it cost?

I have several different packages we can discuss on our introductory session. The most important piece is that you are ready to invest in yourself. I truly believe there is no better way to spend your money, that will have a better return on investment. If you’re reluctant, ask yourself, is money just an excuse because I am scared? One of my favorite ideas is that fear is a signal of where we need to go to grow. Are you ready?


What’s the next step?

Set up an introductory call to learn more by clicking on the Calendly link below to see my availabilities and schedule a call.